Recyclable packaging concepts

The reduced use of plastics as well as the recyclability of films and packaging are important elements of any sustainability strategy. Manufacturers of plastic packaging, processors and foodstuff producers need to systematically rethink their packaging concepts and above all make them more sustainable. Our Pure-Line range can help you with this. We have reduced the complexity of laminated films and predominantly use only one type of polymer in our Pure-Line range. This makes your packaging easier to recycle.

  • Various film concepts for different applications
  • Help with meeting statutory requirements
  • Intelligent combination of recyclability and product protection



The laminated films in our PurePP product portfolio are based on polypropylene. They are manufactured in an extremely resource-efficient manner, can be recycled and optimally protect the packaged products, thanks to the integration of high barrier properties. Our product range includes lidding film, film for flow packs and thermoforming film. We have further developed our flexible films for thermoforming packaging. Our recyclable, securely sealing top webs are optionally available with outstanding peelable or recloseable properties. And with its excellent antifog effect, our Flow Pack is the smart choice for rapid cycles on tubular bag systems.

  • Excellent barrier properties and great transparency
  • Can be optimally processed on all common packaging machines
  • Highly flexible packaging design and labeling

Product family


Do you have no desire to relinquish the proven functionality of your packaging in future? Do you want to present your leading products attractively in tubular bags or thermoforming packaging? Do you want to extend their shelf life using vacuum packaging or product protection? No problem. Because our Pure-Line range now provides the right solution for almost every packaging requirement. For increased safety and flexibility. For maximum efficiency and the usual high level of convenience. And for an attractive and above all highly sustainable impression at point of sale.

Flow Pack PurePP for minced meat

Take the well-known “thinking outside the box” mantra literally – and impress your customers with a rather unconventional, new packaging concept for minced meat. Package your product in a Flow Pack instead of standard packaging and set yourself apart at POS.
Learn more here.

Multipeel PurePP

This top web for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) boasts easy handling during the packaging process and will impress consumers with its usual high level of convenience, thanks to its foolproof peel performance and practical resealing system. This prevents the products from drying out, keeping them fresh for longer.

Safe Peel PurePP

This top web for trays offers a perfect combination of recyclability, extremely reliable sealing (even if the sealed edges are contaminated) and maximum convenience, thanks to the peelable function that allows it to be easily opened. The barrier integrated in the film ensures optimal shelf life and freshness of meat and fish.

Multifol PurePP

Versatile, recyclable and material-efficient – compared to packaging concepts consisting of a top web and a rigid bottom web, our Multifol flexible film as the bottom web is a much thinner overall concept and therefore a really intelligent sustainability solution for vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).



Take packaging to a new level: do away with typical tray packaging and use up to 60% fewer materials with the same high level of product protection.
Package your minced meat in a Flow Pack PurePP. This tubular bag for one kilogram of minced meat weighs as little as 9.5 grams. Another option is thermoforming packaging, consisting of a Multifol PurePP bottom web and a peelable, PP-based top web, weighing an impressive 10.7 grams. In comparison: traditional tray packaging weighs 24.77 grams.
These two recyclable lightweights also impressed the jury of the German Packaging Award – in September 2020, they were presented with this renowned industry award in the Sustainability Category.



Our Multipeel PurePP sets standards in the market. With a recyclability of 95% and using up to 40% fewer materials compared to previous standard packaging, our innovative packaging concept takes a pioneering approach to sustainability. And is “an excellent example of how food packaging that offers both protection and recloseability can be both recyclable and sustainable by reducing weight,” according to the verdict of the expert jury that presented us with the “PackTheFuture” Award in the “Save Food” Category. Meaning that its recyclability has been confirmed by a leading institute.



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