Innovative developments from SÜDPACK® provide new opportunities for the latest trends for many markets and customers alike. Thanks to new films and packaging systems, baking and steam cooking are now possible in the microwave with convenience built in.

With the SÜDPACK® Steam Solution, fresh or frozen vegetables as well as fish, meat or a complete ready-to-serve dish are prepared fast from various raw or partially cooked food.
Ecovent®, on the other hand, makes the microwave become an oven. Crisp rolls and batter as well as juicy meat or vegetables turn out tasting consistantly freshly cooked from scratch with this development of SÜDPACK®.

  • SÜDPACK® Steam Solution – the film-based steam cooking system for the microwave
    • For all deep drawing machines, tubular bag machines and tray sealers
    • Also available as prefabricated zip bags
    • Also revolutionises cooking in canteens as big and small packaging (1/2, 1/1 gastronorm) and for single meals with cloche.

      Steam Solution Animation (14,8 MB)