Corporate vision and values

Tradition → generates innovation

> Committed to the future together

We cultivate traditional values, knowledge and experience. They form the basis and potential for developing new processes and products.

We are always investing in new, forward-looking technologies and strive for continuous improvement. That is why we research and develop new products with customers and suppliers – products that open up new markets for us.

What drives our innovations is knowledge, experience and motivation. This is brought to us and constantly extended by specialists with many years of experience as well as our well-trained employees.


Commitment → generates quality

> Generating quality with passion and dedication

Striving to be among the best in our industry comes from the way we see ourselves as a family-run company. That is why quality is our overriding principle – a principle that we deploy with passion.

The basic requirements for cooperation with our suppliers are they have above-average, certified and regularly monitored standards of quality, hygiene and environmental safety.

We are able to achieve top quality along our entire process chain through the individual commitment, the excellent qualifications and the high standard of training of our employees. Over and above this, the active and consistent implementation of LEAN management and ideas management contributes to the constant improvement of our products and processes.


Vision → generates reality

> We make vision visible

As manufacturers of highly refined, flexible laminated films, we are constantly asking ourselves how we can improve and setting ourselves challenges for new developments.

Our know-how and our production methods enable us to implement any customer wishes, tailoring or response from all the areas of our product portfolio. The latest technologies and state-of-the-art plant and equipment enable the co-extrusion of multi-layered, complex films and, consequently, specific configuration of the film properties. Highly professional printing processes and optimum workflow through the company’s own preparation procedures guarantee the best print results.

This makes us very flexible and rapidly able to turn our customers‘ vision into reality with the greatest professional expertise.


Responsibility → generates trust

> Your reliable Partner

Our family identity is firmly anchored in our company tradition. This trust can be seen in our partnerships with customers and suppliers that have developed over many years. Partnerships characterised by reliability and frank, honest communication.

We are committed to the optimum packaging of our customers products – as good packaging generates trust. We measure ourselves in terms of the success and satisfaction of our customers. An important element of this is a closeness with our customers which we achieve through our broad sales network.

With our solid financial base and our investment program we ensure the long-term future and growth of our company and security of the jobs of our employees.


Respect → generates sustainability

> We organise for future Generations

The three pillars of sustainability – economy, ecology and social awareness – are an integral part of our company philosophy and our activities.

We respect the finite nature of resources and consequently make sure that we work with them as carefully as possible and use them efficiently.

We incorporate special environmentally friendly processes in the packaging solutions we develop for our customers. We take a holistic approach to our production and the use of processes that save on energy and raw materials and we rely on certified environmental management.

Our objective is to ensure the long-term independence and financial stability of our family-run company. We create a working environment for our employees that corresponds with our family identity and we offer them attractive prospects for the future, plenty of job satisfaction and thereby hopefully many years of loyalty to the company.