University Studies

Bachelor students are trained to work independently later on and take over managerial tasks.

Information on course of study:
Within the context of your dual university studies at the DHBW or your university studies with an intensive hands-on training component, you will work in all important departments during the internship semesters. Apart from that, students will also work on projects on their own. Your studies will give you comprehensive commercial basic knowledge.

Fields of study:

  • Industry
  • Shipping Management, Transport and Logistics
  • Business informatics
  • Industrial engineering
  • Food and packaging Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering, Focus Plastics Technology  
  • Further fields of study on request

Term dual university studies:
3 years, 3-month change between Dual University of Baden-Württemberg in Ravensburg and the company.

Term university studies with an intensive hands-on training component:

3.5 years with alternating university studies and hands-on training. The hands-on training takes place mostly during the practical semester and during the semester breaks.

Your profile:
University entry qualification or subject-specific university entrance qualification. You are highly motivated, able to work in a team and think you can take over responsible tasks.